Hawaiian Roll Sliders


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Hawaiian Roll Sliders
Hawaiian Roll Sliders


Hawaiian Rolls
Deli Off The Bone Ham
Deli Oven-Roasted Chicken
BelGioioso Fresh Mozzerella


Take 2-4 Hawaiian Rolls and split them in half on a plate
Take a slice of your deli ham and fold it in fourths
Place your folded ham slice onto one side of each roll
Repeat the last two steps again, but with your deli chicken
Cut half a centimeter of mozzarella from the ball and place it on top of your slices of meat
Place your top halves on top of the sliders
While keeping your sliders on the plate, place them into the microwave for 40-50 seconds
After this is done, enjoy!






Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America


I came up with this specific recipe during the lockdown. It is very simple and a quick fix for when I am super hungry and craving sliders. This recipe became special to me because I enjoy getting the Arby's sliders and I was unable to get them for a while during the pandemic. Now that I found this certain recipe, I rarely get the sliders at Arby's because I can make very similar ones at home.