More Home Cooked Meals & Time With Family



More Home Cooked Meals & Time With Family
More Home Cooked Meals & Time With Family


Before the world came to a standstill in the wake of Covid shut-downs and quarantines, it seemed that my family was somewhat on autopilot: waking up early in the morning, rushing off to school and work, cooking 3 meals a day, after school sports etc., homework and bed. With three kids at home, our collective schedule can become hectic. The one positive effect of the shut-downs was that this forced my family to slow down. It was almost like someone pushed the 'pause' button for us and we were able to break the rush of getting from one place to the next. This change can most easily be seen during our family meals. Instead of trying to make something that filled everyone's bellies before we had to run off to the next event, we can now take our time relaxing, cooking meals together and can spend more time at the table together, talking about our days and enjoying each other's company. One of my kid's favorite things to make together is pizza. It's so simple but it's so easy for them to participate in and the ingredients can change depending on their ever-changing preferences. They really enjoy (as do I) spending the time together listening to our favorite songs, dancing, laughing and cooking. I appreciate this momentary pause in time even more because my husband has been activated in D.C. with the Ohio National Guard since March and so all of the cooking and caring for the kids has been on me. It's nice not to have the demands of the outside world calling as much as they were previously and while I hope everything reverts back to 'normal', I will say that I have thoroughly appreciated every minute of time I've gotten to spend at home with my kids, cooking, playing and learning! Even after everyone's schedules pick up again, I am going to remember the importance of really slowing down at the end of the day for a big meal with the family. I am hoping that they will help me with the cooking assignment as well! Their love for food and cooking has grown in the last few months and we have all loved being able to reconnect with one another.



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